Volunteer Leadership

The success of MAHRA depends upon the volunteer efforts of our members. The Board of Directors and the various committees consist of unpaid volunteer leaders who are dedicated to making MAHRA a valuable professional association for human resource professionals in the Greater Manchester area.

To ensure the continued success of MAHRA, we are always looking for members who are interested in becoming volunteer leaders, either as members of the Board of Directors or as members of committees.


  • Build a reputation and credentials in the human resources field through your involvement as a volunteer leader.
  • Expand your speaking and communications skills.
  • Develop leadership skills.
  • Develop a professional network of human resource professionals, providing access to a wide range of professional experiences.
  • Recognition as a leader who is committed to the human resource profession and is willing to give something back to help other human resource professionals.


  • Professional Development, Elect
    • The Professional Development Elect position is a champion for all things training and development in organizational and public settings. From assisting and collaborating with the state council, SHRM professional chapters and their members, this role serves as MAHRA's representation in state initiatives and helps expose programs to our internal members and leadership. 
  • Treasurer, Elect
    • An opportunity to represent and assist the MAHRA organization as a financial officer and advisor. The Treasurer Elect will serve as the safeguard for all funds for the chapter and advise the board as a financial representative. By facilitating monetary responsibility through financial assessment, review, and reporting, the Elect will have an opportunity to understand the financial implications and actions as an organizational trustee. 
  • Emerging Leaders, Elect
    • A support role geared towards advocating and coordinating workforce readiness activities in multiple local settings, developing relevant seminars, and representing MAHRA in the human resources community - the Emerging Leaders Elect is a core position for enhancing MAHRA's short-term and long-term strategic planning using external and internal resources. 

The growth and development of MAHRA and it's members wouldn't be possible without you! If you are interested in becoming MAHRA Volunteer Leader, please contact: contactus@mahra.org

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