I am an accountant by trade, and an HR professional by default. So, when I entered this new world, not knowing where to go or from whom to seek direction, I stumbled upon MAHRA as a resource. I quickly realized the value of being part of an organization that promoted assistance, education, and networking to someone new to the field. I found the monthly meetings interesting and informative, the legal updates invaluable, and the interaction with other professionals stimulating. I have fully enjoyed the last eight years and are looking forward to many more. I would highly recommend membership and participation in MAHRA.

HR Director

I joined MAHRA 5+ years ago to help build a network of HR Professionals and to give back to the HR Profession. I've found out that MAHRA has so much more to offer any level of HR or Business Professional looking to expand their current knowledge, networks, Certifications, ability to give back to your profession, and for the overall enjoyment. MAHRA is "Where HR Professionals Connect, Develop and Lead".

MAHRA - Past President

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HFF Corporate works with corporations, municipalities, and school districts to develop cutting edge, ACA compliant wellness programs.  Our focus is to create an overall corporate wellness culture and in turn help alleviate the escalating costs of health care. Our mission at Healthy Fit Family and HFF Corporate is to create affordable wellness programs that encourage employees with all levels of health and fitness to participate. We have an online platform but we are not on online platform.  We are real people helping your real people make healthy choices and engage enthusiastically in your wellness program. Learn more!

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