• 23 Jan 2018 11:08 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    HRAGC is pleased to announce the spring offering of the

    We have been able to secure Dr. Maria Manus Painchaud, SHRM-SCP, SPHR again to facilitate the HRAGC study prep seminar open to our members, SHRM® affiliate chapter members, their friends and colleagues.

    HRAGC was recognized as a 2017 SHRM Learning System Champion because of Dr. Painchaud’s seminars. The SHRM® Spring Testing window is May 1, 2018 through July 15, 2018. The seminar is designed for maximum preparation.

    Click here for more information:

    SHRM Prep Flier_SP18.pdf

  • 17 Jan 2018 5:06 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    With planning underway for 2018 education initiatives, here is a a sneak peek of upcoming workshops from New England College that may be relevant to your organization’s development plans, or your own needs.

    Upcoming Boot Camp:

    The 7 Senses of Employee Engagement

    • Employee engagement will be differentiated from employee satisfaction, with workshop participants learning how to increase retention and productivity, while ensuring higher customer satisfaction.
    • 3-part series: March 1, March 8, March 15, from 1:00 - 3:00 pm EST
    NEC's live, virtual workshops are planned in 1.5 to 2 hour blocks to maximize learning while minimizing disruptions to your work day. The practical, interactive learning model can be viewed here:

    New England College also offers customized workshops at your site or virtually for groups should that be of interest. Feel free to reach out with any questions. For special group pricing, contact Lisa Conn, Director of Partnerships, at or 603 428 2283.
  • 11 Jan 2018 9:32 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The Hero Award is awarded each year to just one Granite State HR Hero who takes pride in advancing the HR profession and devotes valuable time to volunteering in their community. The HR Hero Award is generously sponsored by Hays Companies.

    The Granite State Human Resources Conference HR Hero Committee is now accepting nominations for the 2018 Hero Award. Please take a moment to review the attached nomination form and think about a deserving individual you might like to nominate.

    We are accepting Nominations through February 12, 2018.

     Granite State HR Hero 2018 Nomination.pdf

    The winner will be honored at the Granite State HR Conference which will be held on March 26-27, 2018.  For more information on the conference and a list of past HR Heroes please go to

    Thank you!

    HR Hero Committee

    Jody Bugbee, Jennifer Kinville, Charla Stevens,  Anne Vallette

  • 10 Jan 2018 7:04 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Each year we review the Top Ten most common wage and hour violations in New Hampshire.  Because the stakes for noncompliance under state and federal wage and hour laws are higher than ever before employers of all sizes and types need to pay attention to these violations to stay in compliance and to avoid expensive civil penalties and wage adjustment orders from NHDOL.

    Read more ...

    Wage and Hour Top Ten Holiday Hit List (MAHRA) 2017.docx

  • 01 Jan 2018 2:57 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    One of the three research articles SHRM's Technology & HR Management Expertise panel submitted to the SHRM Foundation this year is on the subject of People/HR Analytics, by:
         - Baskaran Ambalavanan, MBA, SHRM-SCP, GPHR, SPHR, PHRca, and
    Paul Belliveau, MBA, SHRM-SCP, HRIP, SPHR

    This increasingly important trend is driven by mobile technologies with ready-access to gobs of data, ubiquity of cloud HR systems, and computational devices that sift multiple data sources to uncover the most relevant information for use in workforce planning, talent management, work redesign, operational improvement and increasing employee experience.

    Show more:

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    Word of the Day:


    Neurodiversity is the range of discrete variations in the nervous systems of individuals across the population, particularly in ways that are manifested in clusters of non-standard behaviors.

    Neurodiversity includes conditions such as ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactive disorder), the autism spectrum, chronic and acute anxiety, depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). The term neurodiversity paradigm is often used when referring to an alternative way of thinking about neurological differences in contrast to the medical model, which sometimes categorizes minority neurological variants as "disorders."

    As recognition grows about the strengths a diverse workforce can bring to a business, the topic of neurodiversity has begun to be included in many diversity training initiatives. The emphasis is on recognizing that people with non-standard neurological wiring may also possess unique strengths and abilities that can help a company create value.

    The neurodiversity movement was developed, at least in part, to remove any stigma attached to variations by defining them as neurotypes. An individual whose neurological makeup has no identifiable variation from the cultural norm is categorized as neurotypical (NT). Given the number of identifiable ways that people can differ in their neurologically-based traits, however, some critics of the neurodiversity movement point out that the brain is so complex, that when it comes to mapping how the human brain is wired, no one is truly neurotypical.

  • 15 Dec 2017 2:13 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    We would like to thank all of our members for their referrals and recommendations. 

    We have surpassed 200 members this program year!

    We feel we will be able to meet MAHRA’s goal of 215 by June, 2018. 

    Please keep the referrals coming. 

    Thank you again for your continued dedication and support of MAHRA and the Human Resources Industry.

  • 30 Nov 2017 10:49 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    A glimpse into some of the technologies behind the strategic HR/Business solutions of today ... and into the future.

    - a recent SHRM Resources and Tools article by Josh Bersin,

    Viewpoint: From ‘Systems of Record’ to ‘Systems of Productivity’.



  • 30 Nov 2017 9:18 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    This topic comes up all too often, not only from the HR perspective, but even more so, from the business functions that HR serves.  We talk about this frequently on the SHRM Technology Expertise panel, and is reflected in the research articles the panel submits to SHRM for publication to its members.

    Please check out this article:

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